‘Daffodils’ from Carve the Runes by George Mackay Brown

  22 Feb '22   |  Posted by: Birlinn

Heads skewered with grief
Three Marys at the cross
(Christ was wire and wax
festooned on a dead tree)
Guardians of the rock,
their emerald tapers touch
the pale wick of the sun
and perish before the rose
bleeds on the solstice stone
and the cornstalk unloads
peace from hills of thorn
Spindrifting blossoms
from the gray comber of March
thundering on the world,
splash our rooms coldly with
first grace of light, until
the corn-tides throb, and fields
drown in honey and fleeces
Shawled in radiance
tissue of sun and snow
three bowl-bound daffodils
in the euclidian season
when darkness equals light
and the world’s circle shudders
down to one bleeding point
Mary Mary and Mary
triangle of grief.
- From Carve the Runes by George Mackay Brown

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