Growing up Black in a White World

14 Oct ’21
Blood and Gold by Mara Menzies This is a book that you won’t be expecting. But it is a book that you need – indeed that we all need. It is a book…
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Must Read

A Library of One’s Own

09 Nov ’19
‘From the moment I first ventured into a library I wanted one of my own.’ Famously, Virginia Woolf said that a woman must have money and a room of…
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Highlights from EIBF 2021

31 Aug ’21
Mara Menzies The live audience at the EIBF Sculpture Court theatre were held in suspenseful silence by Mara Menzie’s performance reading of a…
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Something Money Can’t Buy

23 Apr ’21
Michael McEwan on the failed European Super League At the entrance to Celtic Park, the home of Glasgow Celtic FC, there is a bronze statue of the…
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  • Paperback | Pub: 07 Oct 2021

    The 21st century’s own Gin Craze continues unabated, with exciting new crafted gins launched on a regular basis. Most recently, we have seen growing interest in Pink Gins and the development of a range of flavoured gins, not to mention the…

Featured Author

Ian Buxton

‘Ian Buxton tackles the drink that used to be called “Mother’s Ruin” in a book that’s newly revised and updated to take into account the new kids on the block. …You’ll find Buxton’s learned take on products such as Harris Gin and Achroos and don’t think your choice of tonic water is any less open to innovation and variety’ – Herald on Sunday

Ian is a best-selling author on Gin, Rum and Whisky. See the full range HERE

Blood and Gold is in the News

03 Oct ’21
‘How do you address racism in Scotland? Award-winning storyteller and writer, Mara Menzies’s way is with words. Powerful words…….
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