Alexander McCall Smith

Alexander McCall Smith is one of the world’s best-loved and most prolific authors, applauded across the globe as the author of The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency and 44 Scotland Street amongst more than 100 other books. He lives in Edinburgh and many of his books are published on our Polygon imprint. He is hugely supportive of publishing in Scotland.

Reading a novel by Alexander McCall Smith feels as if a soothing balm is being applied to all the hurts and injuries inflicted by the world around us

– SMSA, Sydney

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  • Hardback | Pub: 05 Aug 2021
    £14.99 £11.99

    It is 1938 and the final days of the British Empire. In a bungalow high up in the green hills above the plains of Ceylon, under a vast blue sky, live the Ferguson family: Bella, a precocious eight-year-old; her father Henry – owner of Pitlochry, a…

  • Hardback | Pub: 15 Oct 2020
    £12.99 £10.39

    What really counts in this life? For the writer, Alexander McCall Smith, it is friendship and love – themes that crop up time and again in his novels. And it is these themes that he explores in this collection of poems. In this book, divided into…

  • Hardback | Pub: 05 Nov 2020
    £17.99 £14.39

    At the bottom of a sharply descending street – in the topographical sense – in Edinburgh’s Georgian New Town, new residents have moved in to number 44 Scotland Street, joining the already well-known and much-loved denizens of that remarkable…

  • Hardback | Pub: 13 Aug 2020
    £9.99 £7.99

    Stories do not have to be long. In the space of a couple of sentences – or even a page or two – we may see the human heart exposed in a way that is more powerful than occurs in many much longer narratives. In Tiny Tales Alexander McCall Smith…

  • Paperback | Pub: 11 Jun 2020
    £8.99 £7.19

    Paul Stewart has returned to Scotland to continue his successful career. His agent and girlfriend, Gloria, has arranged for him to write The Philosophy of Food in Six Easy Chapters, a project he relishes but that will have to be delivered in six…

Stand Alone Fiction

  • Paperback | Pub: 08 Mar 2018
    £7.99 £6.39

    It takes a lot to get under the skin of Cornelius ‘Fatty O’Leary, but then there is a lot of skin to get under. The heroically proportioned Fatty can normally take life as it comes. Right at home in easy-going Fayetteville, Arkansas, he…

  • Paperback | Pub: 10 Aug 2017
    £7.99 £6.39

    Imagine you’re on a train. Think about all the other people on the train with you, what their lives are or have been, and the different experiences you’ve all had. But there is one more thing that you undoubtedly all share: you have all…


  • Paperback | Pub: 11 May 2017
    £7.99 £6.39

    In this beguiling book, Alexander McCall Smith casts his eye over five chanced-upon photographs from the era of black-and-white photography and imagines the stories behind them. Who were those people, what were their stories, why are they smiling,…

  • Hardback | Pub: 07 Nov 2019
    £12.99 £10.39

    In Pianos and Flowers we are invited, through the medium of sepia images, to glimpse a world long departed. In these stories, inspired by long-lost photographs, the lives of the people in the frame are imagined and then explored, layer by layer….

  • Paperback | Pub: 23 Apr 2020
    £9.99 £7.99

    A poem does not have to be famous to be cherished. The best-known poems of Robert Burns have been loved by countless people over the years, but there are other poems that may be largely unknown that will mean a great deal to the few who are familiar…

Scotland Street

  • Hardback | Pub: 16 Aug 2016
    £16.99 £13.59

    Once more, we catch up with the delightful goings-on in the fictitious 44 Scotland Street from Alexander McCall Smith. With customary charm and deftness, Alexander McCall Smith gives us another installment in this popular series, now running in its…