World Gratitude Day: ‘If Once You Have Slept on an Island’ by Rachel Lyman Field

  20 Sep '21   |  Posted by: Birlinn

Tuesday 21st September is World Gratitude Day, and over the past 18 months, it is our healthcare professionals to whom we owe the greatest debt of gratitude. To Mind Your Life is a collection of poetry designed to give encouragement and consolation to our nurses and midwives, who give so much and deserve to be recognised for their extraordinary resilience. Our poem of the week by Rachel Lyman Field is taken from this collection, which offers a sense of perspective and gratitude for the small things in life.

If Once You Have Slept On An Island

If once you have slept on an island
You’ll never be quite the same;
You may look as you looked the day before
And go by the same old name,
You may bustle about in street and shop
You may sit at home and sew,
But you’ll see blue water and wheeling gulls
Wherever your feet may go.
You may chat with the neighbors of this and that
And close to your fire keep,
But you’ll hear ship whistle and lighthouse bell
And tides beat through your sleep.
Oh! you won’t know why and you can’t say how
Such a change upon you came,
But once you have slept on an island,
You’ll never be quite the same.

Rachel Lyman Field
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