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The Outer Hebrides

A Historical Guide

by Mary MacLeod Rivett

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ISBN: 9781788850681
Published: 01 Jul 2021
Format: E-Book
Extent: 272
Publisher: Birlinn Ltd
Imprint: Birlinn
Local history
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About the Book

The Outer Hebrides lie 40 miles to the west of mainland Scotland, forming a barrier to the North Atlantic. Culturally distinct from early prehistory, the islands contain a wealth of historical and archaeological monuments, including the standing stones at Callanish, the magnificent St Clement’s church at Rodel as well as numerous brochs, castles, Pitish houses, croft houses and industrial and military buildings.

In addition to descriptions of key historic sites from prehistory onwards and gazetteers covering every place of historical interest, this book also traces the development of the modern environment and landscape of the islands, enabling the visitor to appreciate the sites within their historical and cultural context.

The Author

Mary MacLeod Rivett

Dr Mary MacLeod Rivett is an experienced archaeologist working from Gearrannan, on the West Coast of the Isle of Lewis. With a background in international commercial and research archaeology, she worked as Western Isles Archaeologist for over 11 years, before returning to freelance research and academic work in 2009.  In 2017 she took up a position with Historic Environment Scotland.

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