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Scottish History Without the Boring Bits

by Ian Crofton


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ISBN: 9780857908629
Published: 14 May 2015
Format: E-Book
Publisher: Birlinn Ltd
Imprint: Birlinn
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About the Book

As an antidote to more sober accounts of Scotland’s history, Ian Crofon offers a colourful chronology of the eccentric, the infamous, the bawdy, the horrific and the hilarious people and events that have spattered across the pages of our nation’s story.

From the Royal High School riot to Marocco the Wonder Horse, from the War of the One-Eyed Woman to the MP cleared of stealing his ex-mistress’s knickers, Scottish History Without the Boring Bits includes a host of little-known tales that you won’t find in more conventional works of history.

Ian Crofton’s alternative history of Scotland looks at the country’s seedy underbelly with a quizzical eye.

The Author

Ian Crofton

Ian Crofton was born and raised in Edinburgh, and now lives in London. He has written a number of works of popular history, including A Curious History of Food and Drink and Scottish History without the Boring Bits. His Dictionary of Scottish Phrase and Fable was described by the Times Literary Supplement as 'a lightly erudite and well-informed work of eclectic scholarship'. In 2014 the Daily Telegraph selected his Walking the Border as one of its travel books of the year. Ian Crofton also contributes regularly to the Scottish Mountaineering Club Journal, and in 2015 was awarded the Club's W.H. Murray Literary Prize.