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  • E-Book | Pub: 01 Jan 2001

    Published on the tercentenary of what is sometimes knows as “The Glorious Revolution”, this collection of essays examines the events of 1688-89 and discards old myths. American and British historians tackle the subject from different...

  • E-Book | Pub: 01 Nov 2014

    This new and compelling history of eighteenth-century Scotland paints a rich and detailed portrait of the country at a time when it was of truly global significance. This journey from the Union of 1707 to its centenary and beyond takes in vivid...

  • E-Book | Pub: 19 May 2016

    In 1947, when India achieved independence, Britain portrayed the transfer of power as the outcome of decades, even centuries, of responsible planning – the honourable discharge of an historic responsibility. That view has never been seriously...

  • E-Book | Pub: 03 Oct 2013

    War opened and closed Scotland’s greatest century: a pitiless part in the defeat of Naploeon in 1815, a huge blood-sacrifice for the sake of victory from 1914. In between came the greatest contributions to the progress and happiness of the...

  • E-Book | Pub: 01 Jan 2001

    Few Scottish historians are better known than T. C. Smout and fewer still more deserving of the high esteem in which they are held. He has made an outstanding contribution to Scottish historical studies both as an academic discipline and as a...

  • E-Book | Pub: 15 Dec 2003

    ‘Mobbing and rioting’ in late eighteenth-century Scotland was often the only recourse of the people in response to high food prices, the threat of eviction or the prospect of compulsory military service. This study of popular disturbances in the...

  • E-Book | Pub: 08 Sep 2003

    In 1644 a massive Scottish army of Scottish Covenanters moved over the border into England, claiming they were not invading their neighbour but acting to save its liberties, by helping ensure that the absolutist King Charles I did not win the civil...

  • E-Book | Pub: 06 Jun 2011

    In 1637 Scotland exploded in rebellion against King Charles I. The rebellion sought not only to undo hated anglicising policies in the Church, but to reverse the wholesale transfer of power to London which had followed the 1603 Union of the Crowns....