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Popular Disturbances in Scotland 1780-1815

by Kenneth J. Logue


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ISBN: 9781788854139
Published: 15 Dec 2003
Format: E-Book
Extent: 300
Publisher: Birlinn Ltd
Imprint: John Donald
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About the Book

‘Mobbing and rioting’ in late eighteenth-century Scotland was often the only recourse of the people in response to high food prices, the threat of eviction or the prospect of compulsory military service. This study of popular disturbances in the thirty-five years spanning the turn of the eighteenth century shows that rioting was not a blind or unreasoning reaction, but rather an active assertion of traditional rights and a collective appeal for just treatment.

The book looks at meal mobs, riots against the Highland Clearances, the widespread anti-militia disturbances of 1797, and also riots about Church patronage, politics and industrial action. The concluding chapter draws various themes together and examines the composition of crowds in the period, the role of women in disturbances, the use of handbills before and during riots, and leadership, organisation and forms of action of the crowd. Kenneth J. Logue makes full use of a range of source material: the records associated with the administration of Scottish criminal justice, Home Office documents and numerous newspapers and periodicals.

The Author

Kenneth J. Logue

Kenneth J. Logue gained a PhD in Scottish history from the University of Edinburgh. Now retired, he has written and published many research and academic articles and has worked in organisational governance and development.