A Royal Visit to The Great Tapestry of Scotland

  01 Sep '22   |  Posted by: Birlinn

A Royal visit to The Great Tapestry is planned, where kings and queens from our past are on display.

We are excited and delighted to announce that Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Rothesay will officially open the Great Tapestry of Scotland Visitor Centre on Friday 9th September 2022.

No more details of this Royal visit to the Great Tapestry are known at this time but it will be an honour to welcome Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and Duchess of Rothesay, to the permanent home for The Great Tapestry in Galashiels, in the heart of the Scottish Borders.

Colour and friendship and art are what we need when times are hard. And the other ingredient, of course, is love. All of these have been invested in this tapestry in large measure, and have worked exactly the miracle that we thought they would.’

Alexander McCall Smith, writing in the New Statesman

Alexander McCall Smith first came up with the idea for The Great Tapestry of Scotland following a visit to a smaller tapestry that told the story of the Battle of Prestonpans. Alexander fell in love with the hand-embroidered panels as a story-telling platform and worked with the artist Andrew Crummy, historian Alistair Moffat and more than 1000 stitchers to hand stitch the full history of Scotland from ice-age to present day.

You can see the panels and read the story behind the tapestry in a series of books.

And arrange your own visit to the centre. You will be made most welcome. Visit the website here.

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