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  03 Oct '21   |  Posted by: Birlinn

‘How do you address racism in Scotland? Award-winning storyteller and writer, Mara Menzies’s way is with words. Powerful words…. she weaves the stories, myths and legends of both cultures into her spellbinding new book’

Janet Christie, The Scotsman

Mara Menzies, of dual Scottish and Kenyan heritage, has hit the headlines with her first novel, Blood and Gold, published this coming week – and the BIrlinn team could not be prouder to be her publisher.

The Scotsman gave a front page puff on Saturday, the cover of the magazine and no less than four pages of coverage inside to Mara’s exploration of colonialism and slavery and the story of a young girl growing up black in a white world… a white Scottish world. Janet Christie’s interview takes us to the heart of the book and finds that:

‘Myths, legends and folktales can break down barriers and reveal everyone’s common humanity’

You can also read a short extract from the book on the bookpages. Read The Scotsman article online now.

And Stephen McGinty, writing in The Sunday Times, called the book

A beguiling mixture of poetry, moving prose and magical realism’

and in answer to his own question of where the story is going to take the reader:

Many places, none of them to be expected and many filled with a mix of wonder and dread.

Read the article in The Sunday Times, here. And find out more about the book and this remarkable author right here.

And in the Sunday Post, a conversation with journalist Sally McDonald who described the book as:

A tapestry of myth and magical realism, history, news and the tales told by her grandmother in the Kenyan village of her childhood to encourage an “honest” conversation about racism


an incredible, epic journey through the pain and persecution of her ancestors, before finding sacrifice, pride, love, empowerment and ultimately belonging

Read the Sunday Post article here.

Thank you Janet, Sally and Stephen for your time and interest in this book.

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