Game, Set… and a slightly older Match

  15 Sep '21   |  Posted by: Birlinn

Britain’s Emma Raducanu from Bromley has etched her name into Tennis history books this week in spectacular style, just as the teenager Lottie Dods, from Lower Bebington, did before her… way back in 1887.

As the world celebrates the success of 18 year old Raducanu, the new US Open champion and the first-ever qualifier to win a Major title, we remember too a young British tennis star who aced the competition… in a long skirt and clunky leather shoes… 135 years ago. 

And who won her first Wimbledon Championship at the age of just 15.

Lottie Dod was a formidable player who often left her opponents (men and women) in tatters and played with such speed, serving so low over the net, that she changed the pace of the female game for ever. She took the women’s title at Wimbledon five times before retiring from tennis and moving on to excel in a host of other sports.

This year, 150 years on from her birth, we remind ourselves of the incredible achievements of female sports superstars, both present day and from our past.

Read an extract from our book on Lottie Dod, Little Wonder, right here.

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