Poem of the Week: Kishie Wife by Roseanne Watt

  08 Mar '21   |  Posted by: Birlinn

Roseanne Watt rewrites the myth of the bringer of fire in this short poem. In Shaetlan, kishie is a woven basket. In this instance, it is one worn on the back for carrying heavy loads, as the atmospheric film version shows. Roseanne will be appearing at the STAnza Poetry Festival online this week.



Though some say otherwise,

she was the first

who went to fetch the fire

from the hills. Of course she was.

No one else could bear

a load like that, slung over her back

like an infant; all its brilliant,

burning weight.

from Moder Dy, 2019

Glossary: ootadaeks – outwith the enclosure; to be beyond the walls of the township (has metaphorical resonance with being out of place)

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