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The Scottish Picture Map Jigsaw


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ISBN: 9781780277967
Published: 07 Jul 2022
Extent: 1000
Publisher: Birlinn Ltd
Imprint: Birlinn
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About the Book

This unique and delightful map of mainland Scotland and the Hebrides, from the collection of the National Library of Scotland, is a magnificent pictorial map of Scotland. Not just annotated with beautiful calligraphy, it also includes dozens of vignettes of famous Scottish places, from cities and towns to lochs to mountains and castles, as well as people and animals.

It was originally published in 1931 by Pratts Oil, which was known as Standard Oil in the US and a few months later as Esso in the UK.

1000 piece jigsaw.

Irregularly shaped pieces.

The Author

A.E Taylor

The map was designed by A.E Taylor, a who had a long and successful career as a commercial artist, book illustrator and cartographer in the first half of the twentieth century. He died in 1959 

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