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About the Book

The Reich will protect its secrets. 

1942, Berlin.

After Police Chief Investigator Rolf Schneider is summoned to a meeting with Himmler and tasked with investigating the assassination of Heydrich, he exposes a web of corruption and secrecy involving the highest-ranking figures in the Reich.

Schneider is faced with an agonising dilemma, for the secret he discovers is both the only thing that can save his life and what will mark him down for certain death. His choice propels him into a desperate race against the clock, one in which he must travel to the very heart of darkness.

Based around real World War II events.

For fans of Philip Kerr, Robert Harris and Volker Kutscher.

The Author

David O'Donnell

David O’Donnell was born in Scotland. He is a qualified lawyer, and has both practised and taught law. He lives in rural Angus with his wife Fiona and black Labrador Niamh. When Niamh is not taking him for a walk, his passion is cooking French and Italian dishes.

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