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Wars & Conflicts (Other)

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  • E-Book | Pub: 01 Jul 2011

    Arras, 1917 is a biography of the author’s uncle, Ernest Reid, who died in 1917, an officer in the Black Watch, of wounds sustained in the Battle of Arras. Born and raised in Paisley, educated at Paisley Grammar School, then Glasgow...

  • E-Book | Pub: 01 Aug 2011

    In 1940, after Dunkirk and the Battle of Britain, it could be seen that immediate and ignominious defeat by Nazi Germany had been averted. But victory seemed improbable. Relations with those whom Churchill had to work with against the Nazi threat...

  • E-Book | Pub: 01 Sep 2011

    At the end of the First World War Britain and to a much lesser extent France created the modern Middle East. The possessions of the former Ottoman Empire were carved up with scant regard for the wishes of those who lived there. Frontiers were...

  • E-Book | Pub: 25 Jan 2001

    This book analyses the origins, development and impact of British Army recruiting in the Scottish Highlands in the period from 1739 to 1815. It examines the interaction of government, landlords and tenantry. Recruiting is analysed within the context...