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  • E-Book | Pub: 01 Nov 2021

    Academic writing in Britain and Ireland has tended to treat the histories of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales as discrete subjects of study. This approach is understandable but it does lead to the creation of artificial boundaries within the...

  • Paperback | Pub: 02 Apr 2020

    They may be coated in layers of myth and pious anecdote but dig deep enough and the pioneering leaders of Celtic Christianity are revealed as reassuringly human individuals, responding to their faith by deliberately living on the edges of...

  • E-Book | Pub: 01 Jan 2001

    Between the early eighteenth and the middle decades of the nineteenth century, Scottish society was transformed by industrialisation, urbanisation and major changes in agriculture and rural society. The rate of town and city growth was among the...

  • Hardback | Pub: 03 Nov 2022

    A national hero in his native land, Olav Haraldsson has as much resonance for the Norwegians as King Arthur does for the British. Unlike Arthur, however, Olav was a real historical figure: a ruthless Viking warrior who named his axe after the Norse...

  • Hardback | Pub: 02 Sep 2021

    Neville Chamberlain is remembered today as Hitler’s credulous dupe, the man who proclaimed in September 1938 that the Munich agreement guaranteed ‘peace in our time’. This is a magisterial reappraisal of Chamberlain and his legacy. It reveals...

  • Hardback | Pub: 06 Oct 2022

    In the 1880s two Edinburgh architects began to survey, measure and sketch the castles of Scotland, travelling the length and breadth of the country on trains, bicycles and on foot. Together they produced the five magnificent volumes of The...

  • E-Book | Pub: 01 Nov 2021

    This collection of essays presents historical approaches to the links which have existed for over 800 years between Scotland and one of the areas of continental Europe closest to her: the Low Countries. Topics include: Flemish settlers in...

  • Hardback | Pub: 20 Oct 2016

    As miniature worlds, beautiful locations and homes to communities seemingly distant from the stresses of modern life, Scotland’s many islands have an extraordinary fascination on countless people, not least on the hundreds of thousands of...

  • Hardback | Pub: 07 Oct 2021

    Vienna is unique amongst world capitals in its consistent international importance over the centuries. From the ascent of the Habsburgs as Europe’s leading dynasty to the Congress of Vienna, which reordered Europe after Napoleon, to bridge-...