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About the Book

This is the true story of William Wallace.

William Wallace has always been one of the great heroes of Scottish history. By no means prepared by birth, education or training for leadership, Wallace nevertheless rose to prominence during the Wars of Independence, leading forces which broke the sequence of English victories and inspiring his countrymen in the process.

While others yielded and collaborated, Wallace set an example of constancy and perseverence and became the Guardian of Scotland. Even his terrible death in London in 1305 can be seen as a victory as it provided inspiration for the continuance of the struggle against English domination.

Despite Wallace's almost mythical status, modern-day perceptions of him are not always based on objective analysis of the historical facts. In this revised and expanded edition of his best-selling biography, Andrew Fisher investigates the man and his times to create a more authentic picture of Wallace than has ever been available previously. 

The Author

Andrew Fisher

Andrew Fisher was archivist to the Duke of Buccleuch at Drumlanrig Castle, where he still lives.