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Villages of Glasgow

North of the Clyde

by Aileen Smart


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ISBN: 9781839830402
Published: 19 Oct 2023
Format: Paperback
Extent: 256
Publisher: Birlinn Ltd
Imprint: Origin
Local history
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About the Book

This revised and updated edition of Aileen Smart's best-selling book paints a fascinating picture of those villages north of the Clyde that helped forge Glasgow into one of Britain's most energetic and vibrant cities.

Although now subsumed within Glasgow proper, these places nevertheless maintain a tremendous sense of pride and identity. Each has its own story to tell, its own heroes and villains, its own myths and traditions. Packed with intriguing detail and enhanced with numerous maps and photographs, Villages of Glasgow is a stimulating introduction to Glasgow and those communities that have formed its lifeblood over the centuries.

The Author

Aileen Smart

Aileen Smart is a writer and lecturer on local history. She is also a practical historian, who enjoys exploring Glasgow on foot, delving into its past, and showing scores of visitors around one of Britain's most vibrant cities.

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