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Imitation of an Emperor

by Ross Laidlaw


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ISBN: 9780857900722
Published: 01 Aug 2011
Format: E-Book
Extent: 337
Publisher: Birlinn Ltd
Imprint: Polygon
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About the Book

'While the army of the Goths makes war, the Romans may live in peace.'

AD 468. With the last Roman emperor of the West deposed, the Empire is in ruins - a plaything for the barbarian armies that rampage across it. This extraordinary story spans Europe, from the intrigues of Constantinople to the battlefields of the future France, North Africa and the Balkans, tracing the rise of Theoderic the Goth to a pinnacle of power and wealth.

The Author

Ross Laidlaw

Ross Laidlaw was born in Aberdeen, brought up in Edinburgh and educated at Cambridge University. He has worked and travelled extensively in Kenya and southern Africa, and was a schoolmaster and archivist for almost forty years in the UK and Canada. He is married with two children and lives in East Lothian.

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