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ISBN: 9781788853798
Published: 07 Apr 2022
Format: E-Book
Extent: 256
Publisher: Birlinn Ltd
Imprint: Polygon
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About the Book

16 million dead. Two struggling survivors. A past no-one can escape.

In a Britain of the near future, a place haunted by traces of a genocide, two survivors, Thea and Dom, are on a journey to uncover the truth behind an illegal adoption ring and to find a missing baby. Their search for truth puts both their lives in danger and reveals that the Free and Equal Britain movement is more than just a memory. 

As Dom and Thea’s paths collide, they unearth not only adoption crimes on an industrial scale, but links to fugitive FEB-era politicians that both Dom and Thea still have deeply personal reasons to resent — and fear. Will Dom discover the truth about the child he hoped would rebuild his family? Will Thea find her daughter? Will the past continue to block their way?

'Cruickshanks' prose is beautifully taut – not a word is wasted ... The Liberation's Child is dystopian fiction at its finest' — LoveReading

The Author

Lucy Cruickshanks

Lucy Cruickshanks’ novels have been shortlisted for the Author’s Club Best First Novel Award and Guardian’s Not The Booker Prize, named a Top Ten Book of the Year by The Bookbag, and featured widely in the press. A great fan of the underdog, she’s drawn to people and places grappling with political instability, writing about societies at their most precarious and fraught with risk.You can find her chatting all things books on YouTube (Bookshanks) and on Twitter @LucyBookshanks.

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