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A Journey from Lewis to the New World

by Jim Wilkie


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ISBN: 9781839830365
Published: 19 Oct 2023
Format: Paperback
Extent: 208
Publisher: Birlinn Ltd
Imprint: Origin
Local history
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About the Book

In April 1923 the SS Metagama weighed anchor off Stornoway and set sail for Montreal. On board were three hundred young men and women bound for a new life in North America. Partly driven by the lure of opportunities overseas, these young Leosachs were also participants in the new government programme of state-aided emigration.

Based on personal interviews with those who travelled to the New World on the Metagama and other ships, Jim Wilkie sets their story in the context of emigration in Lewis over the centuries, to produce a fascinating insight into one of the central events in the island’s history.

The Author

Jim Wilkie

Jim Wilkie was born and educated in Dundee. After an early struggle with the West Highland Free Press and a more protracted skirmish with the music business, he now freelances as a Press and Development person who writes and performs occasionally. He is married with two children.

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