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Lordship and Power in the North of Scotland

The Noble House of Huntly 1603-1690

by Barry Robertson

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ISBN: 9781906566340
Published: 20 Jun 2011
Format: Paperback
Extent: 288
Publisher: Birlinn Ltd
Imprint: John Donald
History / Medieval history
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About the Book

This book is the first modern account devoted to the major Scottish noble family the Gordons of Huntly. It examines the family's changing relations with the Crown, the Scottish government, their noble contemporaries and the Highland clans during the seventeenth century, as well as issues such as landowning, religion and internal family politics. In all of these spheres there was a marked decline in Gordon power, at both a regional and national level, and a corresponding increase in the influence of other northern noble families. This sea-change in the political make-up of northern Scotland has been previously overlooked in the historiography. This book brings a fresh perspective to the major political events of the time, from the 1603 Union with England through to the Williamite Revolution of 1688-9, and tells the stories of the patriarchs of the family, the first four marquises of Huntly, the last of whom became the first duke of Gordon. This is a tale of aspirations, trials and tribulations, set against a backdrop of a century of turbulent national history.

The Author

Barry Robertson

Barry Robertson gained a PhD from the University of Aberdeen in 2007 and held a postdoctoral research fellowship at Trinity College Dublin until September 2010. He is author of a number of articles on the history of the north of Scotland and has also contributed to edited volumes on the subject.