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ISBN: 9781788856713
Published: 05 Sep 2024
Format: E-Book
Extent: 336
Publisher: Birlinn Ltd
Imprint: Polygon
Historical fiction
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About the Book

When evil stalks the land, who can you trust?

Francis Hilton is distraught at the death of his father. They weren’t close, but now Fran must face the consequences of Andrew Hilton’s decision to bring his daughter up as a son. Torn between her desire to be herself and the freedom and power he has as a man, Fran feels desperately alone.

But he has more to worry about as the north of England braces itself for the arrival of Scottish raiders in the aftermath of the battle of Bannockburn. Dread turns to horror, however, when a monstrous figure is seen in the hills above Hilton and a grotesque offering is left in Warcop, three miles away. As violence and murder soon follow, it seems that Adam Fotheringill – a local man killed escaping from Bannockburn - has returned from the dead to wreak revenge. But for what?

With the threat from the Scots a priority for the authorities, Fran, Will Warcop, the local priest, and a motley band of Hilton’s young people set out to deal with the Revenant. As they move closer to the truth, Fran finds friendship and even love. But when the truth is finally revealed, it threatens to tear them all apart.

The Author

F.J. Watson

Fiona Watson is a medieval historian and writer specialising in medieval warfare in particular, and Scottish History more generally. Among her many publications are Macbeth: A True Story (2010), A History of Scotland’s Landscapes (2018), Traitor, Outlaw, King. Part One. The Making of Robert Bruce, (2018) and Scotland’s History (2020). A former senior lecturer in History at the University of Stirling and presenter of the 2001 TV series, In Search of Scotland, she is now venturing into historical fiction to make the most of the limited evidence for medieval Scotland.

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