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History Retold!

Polygon Bumper Historical Fiction Subscription


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Published: 01 Aug 2023
Format: E-Book
Publisher: Birlinn Ltd
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About the Book

Immerse Yourself in the Past

From the 1500s to the Second World War, discover the stories of history like never before with our bumper historical fiction subscription bundle.

Escape into a different time and place with ingenious mysteries, high stakes thrillers, alternative histories and much more!

Titles included in this subscription are:

After Flodden | Dacre's War | Imprimatur | Veritas | Secretum | The Sky's Dark Labyrinth | The Sensorium of God | The Day Without Yesterday | Hue & Cry | Fate & Fortune| Time & Tide | Friend & Foe | Queen & Country | 1588: A Calendar of Crime | Ardnish Was Home | Ardnish | We Fought For Ardnish | An Unlikely Agent | The Thirty-One Kings | Castle Macnab | Black Camp 21 | The Ragged Lion | Of Blood Descended | The Night Before Morning | Dark Hunter | The Berlin Gambit

Our Bumper Historical Fiction subscription costs £7.99 for unlimited access. You will be billed this amount every 30 day(s) and you can cancel at any time.

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