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Historic South Edinburgh

by Charles J. Smith


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ISBN: 9781839830389
Published: 19 Oct 2023
Format: Paperback
Extent: 416
Publisher: Birlinn Ltd
Imprint: Origin
Local history
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About the Book

First published in four volumes in the early 1980s, Charles Smith’s Historic South Edinburgh has become a much sought-after and extremely rare classic. This completely new edition combines all four volumes into one, and has been completely revised and updated with much new research and information.

The opening of North Bridge in 1772 was followed by an exodus, not simply to the spacious elegance of Craig’s New Town, but to the rural seclusion and open spaces of the South Side. Over the next hundred and fifty years the city grew steadily southwards. As much as the more familiar stories of the Old Town and the New Town, the story of the South Side lies at the heart of Edinburgh and to this day it is full of fascinating incident, extraordinary people and great historic resonance. For any native of the city, Historic South Edinburgh is an essential book.

With many new illustrations, it is a mine of information and anecdote for all who love Edinburgh. Areas of Edinburgh covered are: The Meadows, Marchmont, Sciennes, The Grange, Bruntsfield, Morningside, Braid, Blackford, Merchiston, Craiglockhart, Swanston.

The Author

Charles J. Smith

Charles J. Smith was born in Edinburgh and attended Boroughmuir Senior Secondary School. He gained a Fellowship to the Institute of Medical Laboratory sciences where he specialised in Medical Microbiology. In 1995 he was awarded an Honorary Bachelor of Science Degree by Edinburgh University. 

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