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Hidden Glasgow

by Carol Foreman


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ISBN: 9781839830426
Published: 19 Oct 2023
Format: Paperback
Extent: 224
Publisher: Birlinn Ltd
Imprint: Origin
Local history
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About the Book

Defining what is hidden in a city is not easy. In some cases, buildings are not open to public view, well off the beaten track, or are simply forgotten amidst the rapidly changing environment of a fast growing city. In other cases, we are looking at the building the wrong way and only seeing one aspect of its past life, and in others we are looking at them from the wrong perspective. A darker side hides things that a city would rather forget.

From the golden merchant ship on top of the Merchant's House, through the abandoned Britannia Panopticon Music Hall on Argyle Street, from the schoolroom in the attic of Trades House to the Lock Hospital for 'dangerous women', Carol Foreman takes us through the Glasgow we walk through every day and makes us see it with a different eye. From the top of the Tolbooth steeple to the many tunnels and preserved buildings under the ground, she reveals the essence of a great city in all its dimensions and brings to life a Glasgow both hidden and forgotten.

The Author

Carol Foreman

Carol Foreman is the author of Glasgow Curiosities, Hidden Glasgow, Glasgow Street Names, Made in Scotland and Lost Glasgow. She is a noted local historian and lives and works in Glasgow.

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