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Double Proof

by Martin Stewart


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ISBN: 9781846976490
Published: 07 Mar 2024
Format: Paperback
Extent: 272
Publisher: Birlinn Ltd
Imprint: Polygon
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About the Book

Robbie Gould is not psychic. Of course he isn’t – that’s not a real thing. So why is a woman standing in his driveway begging him for help in finding her son, Albie, who she’s convinced has been kidnapped?

Years ago Gould, an ambitious reporter, was working on the horrific case of a missing girl when a moment of inspiration showed him, clear as day, where she was. After the girl’s body was found where he said it would be, the resulting press furore destroyed both his career and marriage.

Gould, now living a hermit-like existence in the back of beyond, is in no position to turn down this plea for help. The family’s fortunes are messy: they’re tied up in a court case disputing ownership of the finest, rarest whisky their distillery has ever produced – the Double Proof. As Gould tries to find Albie he plunges deeper into the bizarre world of rare whisky and a twisted chain of drug dealers, bent cops, gangsters, social influencers and yakuza mobsters.

The Author

Martin Stewart

Martin Stewart's YA novels Riverkeep and The Sacrifice Box have been published by Penguin Random House in the UK and Viking in the US. His books have been translated into various languages. He lives on the west coast of Scotland with his wife and two children.

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