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Cromwell and Scotland

Conquest and Religion 1650-1660

by R. Scott Spurlock


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ISBN: 9781788853378
Published: 27 Nov 2007
Format: E-Book
Extent: 474
Publisher: Birlinn Ltd
Imprint: John Donald
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About the Book

This book examines the role of religion in the story of Oliver Cromwell’s invasion and subsequent occupation of Scotland. Analysis of the printed propaganda produced by the Scots and the English makes it clear that both nations defined their positions, and gained support, in overtly religious terms. During their decade-long occupation of Scotland, the English Commonwealth actively sought to undermine Scottish Presbyterianism. Public disputes, public preaching and Scotland’s printing presses were all used to weaken the influence of the Kirk, while eager English soldiers and chaplains tried to convert Scots to their own particular religious sects.

Policies of the Scottish Kirk and State in the previous decade had ostracised a significant portion of the Scottish people. As a result, English missionaries found some Scots eager to hear alternative forms of Protestantism preached. Dispelling myths that the sectarian presence had little impact on Scottish religion, this book describes the endeavours of the Independents, Baptists and Quakers to gain converts, with varying degrees of success.

The Author

R. Scott Spurlock

Scott Spurlock studied religion at George Fox University and theology and ecclesiastical history at the University of Edinburgh (MTh, MSc and PhD). He is currently Professor of Scottish and Early Modern Christianities at the University of Glasgow.

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