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Columba and All That

Written by Allan Burnett / Illustrated by Scoular Anderson


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ISBN: 9781841585710
Published: 19 Sep 2007
Format: Paperback
Extent: 128
Publisher: Birlinn Ltd
Imprint: Birlinn
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About the Book

Columba And All That is a real-life adventure packed with historical facts about the legendary Celtic saint. Join Columba as he leaves his home in Ireland for the undiscovered country of Scotland. Witness magic and miracles as Columba confronts the Loch Ness Monster and mysterious painted warriors.

Packed with fantastic illustrations, Columba And All That is one man's epic quest to spread the Word of God in a strange land - and hoping the natives like what they hear!

Aimed at children aged 8-12.

  • Discover the difference between Christians and Pagans
  • Find out how to make a Columban boat from animal skins
  • Explore Columba's monastery at Iona
  • Uncover Columba's dark secrets

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