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ISBN: 9781846976544
Published: 04 Jul 2024
Format: Paperback
Extent: 256
Publisher: Birlinn Ltd
Imprint: Polygon
Fiction / Humour
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About the Book

Dot is a cantankerous pensioner who lives her days alone, with no one to talk to. Max is a young offender doing community service, trying to get his anger issues under control. But a chance meeting in their local park will change everything for this unlikely pair. They soon find they share a wicked sense of humour, a passion for superheroes and a penchant for petty crime. 

When Dot wins the lottery, Max helps her make a bucket list of all the things she’s ever wanted to do but never had the chance. And Dot helps him turn his life around, opening his eyes to his own potential. From race cars and fun fairs to zombie films and random acts of kindness, the pair soon realise they’ve never been happier. Dot’s astonished to find that her actions cause a ripple effect through her community – proving that it’s not money that makes a difference, but people working together to make a change. 

The Author

Russell Jones

Russell Jones is an Edinburgh-based writer and editor. He was the UK’s first Pet Poet Laureate, has published six poetry collections, three fantasy novels, one graphic novel and has edited three writing anthologies. Russell is the deputy editor of Scotland's only sci-fi magazine, organises sci-fi cabaret nights in Edinburgh and has a PhD in Creative Writing.

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