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Bloodfeud in Scotland 1573-1625

Violence, Justice and Politics in an Early Modern Society

by Keith M. Brown


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ISBN: 9781788854238
Published: 24 Nov 2003
Format: E-Book
Extent: 210
Publisher: Birlinn Ltd
Imprint: John Donald
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About the Book

Feuding had an effect on the history of most of Europe. Scotland provides a fascinating focus for the study of the bloodfeud because feuding survived until remarkably late there, and thus is much better documented than in other European societies. This examination of the Scottish evidence shows its relevance to the wider European community to which the Scots belonged, reveals much about the nature of the bloodfeud in general, and explores the changes in society which at last brought about its suppression.

The bloodfeud has been the subject of anthropological rather than historical investigation, partly because it largely disappeared at an early stage in the development of literacy in Europe and has never been a fashionable research topic for historians. In this study of fifteenth- and sixteenth-century feud in Scotland, Keith Brown focuses on its context in society, politics and the ideology that served to uproot the tradition. The book will be of value to historians of many different cultures and periods.

The Author

Keith M. Brown

Keith M. Brown is Vice-President and Dean of Humanities at the University of Manchester. He is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. His field of research is early modern Scottish and British History.