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Academic History

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  • Paperback | Pub: 15 Jun 2023

    Winner of the Saltire Society Scottish History Book of the Year Award Badenoch today is a landscape of empty glens and ruined settlements, but it was not always so. This book examines the transformative events that shaped the region’s destiny:...

  • Hardback | Pub: 03 Jun 2021

    Winner of the Frank Watson Book Prize for the best book published on Scottish History Shortlisted for the Saltire Society History Book of the Year The legendary Scottish king Máel Coluim III, also known as ‘Malcolm Canmore’, is often held to...

  • Hardback | Pub: 16 Nov 2023

    This book brings together the major writings of David Sellar (1941–2019) on the genealogies (pedigrees) claimed by some of the major clans of medieval Highland and Island Scotland, especially the descendants of their twelfth-century king Somerled....