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Adventure stories (Children's/YA)

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  • Paperback | Pub: 10 Aug 2017
    £6.99 £5.59

      Mischief and mess, making folk mad, smashing things, crashing things, making folk sad – we love being bad! . . . and we know where to go to be baddest of all. You want to join in? Then come to the mall! It’s the Day of the Trolls: Fart-Fart...

  • Paperback | Pub: 23 Sep 2016
    £6.99 £5.59

    Well before Precious Ramotswe founded her Number One Ladies’ Detective Agency, as an eight-year-old girl she was already solving mysteries. Here, in this delightful, new, enchanting tale for children, we see how the young Precious became the...

  • Paperback | Pub: 13 Jul 2017
    £6.99 £5.59

    After successfully thwarting a dastardly plan to steal rare marine animals from the sea around the Scottish island of Mull, Ben and Fee MacTavish feel they can relax and continue learning all about nautical life on board School Ship Tobermory. But...

  • Hardback | Pub: 21 May 2015
    £9.99 £7.99

    One day, Daisy’s grandmother takes her to an overgrown garden. Many, many years before other children had played in that garden – Sixteen String Jack and Dare Devil Dick were shipwrecked there; and often they fought pirates side by side...

  • Paperback | Pub: 18 May 2017
    £6.99 £5.59

    Steve has had enough – enough of cyber-bullies, enough of adults messing up the world. Sharp-witted Fran and her brother worry-wart Dan feel exactly the same. And so, along with his dog Nessie, Steve and the FranDan twins leave town in the...