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Political Freedom

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  • E-Book | Pub: 01 Jan 2001

    Published on the tercentenary of what is sometimes knows as “The Glorious Revolution”, this collection of essays examines the events of 1688-89 and discards old myths. American and British historians tackle the subject from different...

  • E-Book | Pub: 15 Dec 2003

    ‘Mobbing and rioting’ in late eighteenth-century Scotland was often the only recourse of the people in response to high food prices, the threat of eviction or the prospect of compulsory military service. This study of popular disturbances in the...

  • E-Book | Pub: 08 Sep 2003

    In 1644 a massive Scottish army of Scottish Covenanters moved over the border into England, claiming they were not invading their neighbour but acting to save its liberties, by helping ensure that the absolutist King Charles I did not win the civil...