Nikki Welch at Harrogate Literature Festival


There’s a whole new world of beer out there to explore, but do you know your Pilsner from your Pale Ale? Your Stout from your Saison? Perhaps you’re tired of your usual tipple and need something different? The Pocket Guide to Beer will point your taste buds in new directions.

This handy, fun and informative guide takes you on a journey using the BeerTubeMap, a unique flavour map that links beers by taste and style. Covering a huge range from around the world, it includes both traditional and new-wave beers. It also includes specific recommendations for each style, as well as practical tips about buying beer, what to eat with it, and lots more besides. Its straightforward, no-nonsense style makes it a great starter guide for beer newbies whilst providing inspiration for more seasoned drinkers too.

Climb aboard and join Nikki Welch for a tube journey unlike any other.

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Sunday 20 Oct 2019
Harrogate Literature Festival, Crown Hotel, Harrogate. England