The Great Tapestry of Scotland at Borders Book Festival


On 26th August 2021, this unique, moving and rich work of art came home. When the doors of a stunning new building in the heart of Galashiels opened to the public, a master and mistresspiece in thread and linen found itself in the Borders, Scotland’s ancient heartland of textile production. One hundred and sixty panels tell the story of the nation. Stitched by a thousand women and a few men, it also offers unexpected perspectives. It is history but also herstory. The tapestry was the inspired idea of Alexander McCall Smith, its content and narrative were written by Alistair Moffat and its brilliant design was executed by Andrew Crummy. At Abbotsford they will talk to the Duke of Buccleuch about how it all came about.

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Sunday 07 Nov 2021
Sir Walter Scott Marquee, United Kingdom