Tarbert Book Festival: James Crawford


JAMES CRAWFORD: Wild History – Journeys into Lost Scotland

Saturday 25th November 2023 7:00PM

Stonefield Castle Hotel, Tarbert, Loch Fyne, PA29 6YJ

Ticket price: £15


This event is sponsored by Beinn An Tuirc Distillers, and will be preceded by a Kintyre Gin tasting in the Library

You scramble up over the dunes of an isolated beach. You climb to the summit of a lonely hill. You pick your way through the eerie hush of a forest. And then you find them. The traces of the past. Perhaps they are marked by a tiny symbol on your map, perhaps not. There are no plaques to explain their fading presence before you, nothing to account for what they once were – who made them, lived in them or abandoned them. Now they are merged with the landscape. They are being reclaimed by nature. They are wild history.
In this book acclaimed author and presenter James Crawford introduces many such places all over the country, from the ruins of prehistoric forts and ancient, arcane burial sites, to abandoned bothies and boathouses, and the derelict traces of old, faded industry.

James is the writer and presenter of the landmark BBC One Scotland documentary series Scotland from the Sky. Series One was first broadcast in summer 2018, with Series Two appearing in summer 2019, and Series Three in winter 2021. Over the past decade he researched Scotland’s National Collection of Aerial Photography – an archive of millions of images held by Historic Environment Scotland – and has written a number of photographic books on its history, origins and application, including Above Scotland (2009), Scotland’s Landscapes (2012), and Aerofilms: A History of Britain from Above (2014).



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Saturday 25 Nov 2023
Stonefield Castle Hotel, Tarbert. United Kingdom