St Duthac Book and Arts Festival: Ian Bradley


Ian Bradley – The Coffin Roads

Sunday 17th September 2023:

2pm – 3pm

St Duthus Collegiate Church, Castle Brae, Tain

£5 + online booking fee

Ian Bradley journeys along the coffin roads which criss-cross the Highlands and Islands to explore distinctive West Highland and Hebridean practices in relation to dying, mourning, grieving and the afterlife. Using lively accounts, predominantly from the 19th century, he explores the customs of singing over the dying, day and night long wakes and lengthy processions to remote graveyards. At a time when death is at last being more openly talked about and embraced, he argues that there may be much to learn from the way it was traditionally approached in the Highlands and Hebrides. He is Emeritus Professor of Cultural and Spiritual History at the University of St Andrews, a Church of Scotland minister and author of 46 books ranging from Celtic Christianity to Gilbert and Sullivan. 

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Sunday 17 Sep 2023
St Duthus Collegiate Church, Castle Brae, Tain. United Kingdom