Sandra Ireland workshop at Paisley Book Festival


Story Recycle: Finding Inspiration Through Folklore

In this workshop, facilitator Sandra Ireland introduces participants to the power of folklore as inspiration for their own writing. Expect to dive into some fascinating local tales, archive material and poetry, before being invited to write about a topic that you feel most drawn to. Perhaps you’re interested in stories of the Paisley Witches, the Horseshoe Curse, or the poetry of Robert Tannahill. You might even draw on family stories of your own to add flavour to your work. With folklore, there are no constraints, and our heritage becomes stronger the more we re-tell, re-imagine and re-examine the past. If you are new to writing, don’t worry, there will be lots of tips and advice on where to start!
Sandra’s latest novel, Sight Unseen, is available now on the Birlinn website.
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Monday 21 Feb 2022
Central Library, Paisley. United Kingdom