Reimagining Scotland’s History with Denise Mina at Paisley Book Festival


Join one of Scotland’s best loved crime writers as she delves into one of the darkest moments in Scotland’s history, reimagining the night when Mary Queen of Scots witnessed the brutal murder of her private secretary, David Rizzio, in her private chambers at Holyrood Palace. This act, it turned out, had been ordered by her own husband Lord Darnley, and took place whilst the Queen was six months pregnant. Best-selling author of previous novels including The Less Dead and The Long Drop, as well as prolific playwright and comic book writer, Denise Mina chats about her latest book Rizzio and the affairs of Scotland’s most historicized woman with Director of the Glasgow Women’s Library, Adele Patrick.

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Friday 25 Feb 2022
The Students’ Union (Main Hall), Paisley. United Kingdom