Push the Boat Out: Iona Lee


Double Bill: Kim Moore & Iona Lee

To tell your story is to create it. In this double bill, Kim Moore and Iona Lee both share poems and lyrical essays firmly written from the female gaze.

In All The Men I Never Married, Kim Moore reckons with the harms and coercions of being female in a male-dominant world. Moore’s 2023 collection of lyric essays, Are You Judging Me Yet? Poetry and Everyday Sexism, turns the spotlight onto poetry and performance itself. Reflecting on responses to All the Men I Never Married, Moore examines the dynamics of performing in public as a female poet.

Iona Lee’s debut collection Anamnesis charts a descent into adulthood, exploring truth and taletelling, art and artifice. Characterised by a deep love of language, its music and its magic, Anamnesis reflects on memory, the future and other hauntings.

In a world still set to undo and unmake the experiences of women, these precise and honest works are as welcome as ever.

  • Saturday 25 November, 1pm
  • Anatomy Theatre, Summerhall
  • Tickets £10/£8
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Saturday 25 Nov 2023
Anatomy Theatre, Summerhall, Edinburgh. United Kingdom