Polly Pullar at The Highland Book Shop


Friday 16th of September at 6:30pm

Polly Pullar will be joining The Highland Bookshop to discuss her latest book, a memoir of her life, richly imbued with her love of the natural world.

Ever since her pet sheep Lulu accompanied her to school at the age of seven, animals and nature have been at the heart of Polly Pullar’s world. Growing up in a remote corner of the Scottish West Highlands, she roamed freely through the spectacular countryside and met her first otters, seals, eagles and wildcats.

But an otherwise idyllic childhood was marred by family secrets which ultimately turned to tragedy. Following the suicide of her alcoholic father and the deterioration of her relationship with her mother, as well as the break-up of her own marriage, Polly rebuilt her life, earning a reputation as a wildlife expert and rehabilitator, journalist and photographer.

This is her extraordinary, inspirational story. Written with compassion, humour and optimism, Polly reflects on how her love of the natural world has helped her find the strength to forgive and understand her parents, and to find an equilibrium.

Tickets for this event are FREE.


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Friday 16 Sep 2022
The Highland Bookshop, United Kingdom