Oxford Literary Festival: Ian Fraser


Financial journalist Ian Fraser talks about the collapse of the Royal Bank of Scotland and of continuing scandals in the banking sector.

Fraser tells of the catastrophic mistakes that brought down one of the biggest banks in the world and looks at how the bank’s directors and staff failed to keep a check on the despotic leadership of chief executive Fred Goodwin and at how politicians created a regulatory free-for-all in which the banks were rarely supervised.

Fraser is an award-winning journalist and broadcaster whose work appears in, among others, The Economist, Financial Times, and The Sunday Times. His BBC documentary, RBS: The Bank That Ran Out of Money, was shortlisted for a Bafta.

This event is part of a series on the uncovering of public scandals and on campaigns against injustice.


Wednesday, 29 March 2023


1 hour

Oxford Martin School: Lecture Theatre

£7 – £12.50

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Wednesday 29 Mar 2023
Oxford Martin School: Lecture Theatre, Oxford. United Kingdom