Orkney Science Festival: Polly Pullar


Nurturing the Wild, with Polly Pullar

Since early childhood, nature and animals have been naturalist/author Polly Pullar’s passion. She tells us about the joys and heartbreaks of hand-rearing and rehabilitating numerous wild creatures, from tiny naked squirrel kits to tawny owlets and hedgehogs. She also highlights the pressing need to care for nature in all forms, from the smallest insects and plants to habitat restoration. Polly speaks too about her newly-published memoir The Horizontal Oak, and her wonderful, feral childhood in Ardnamurchan where numerous animals, from pet sheep to a kestrel, shared her life. But always, she says, it was the natural world and a sense of humour that helped to provide solace when family secrets and tragedies became hard to bear.


Orkney Theatre, Kirkwall
September 3rd
3pm – 4pm
In-person event
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Saturday 03 Sep 2022
Orkney Theatre, Kirkwall. United Kingdom