Merryn Glover at The Book Nook, Stirling


Linda Cracknell and Merryn Glover Event

Linda Cracknell and Merryn Glover will be in The Book Nook, Stirling chatting about their explorations of the Scottish landscape they call home and the writing process behind their recently released books.

In ‘Writing Landscape’, Linda Cracknell backpacks on a small island that is connected to the mainland only at low tide. In winter snow, she hikes the wooded hillside close to her home, a place she is intimately familiar with in all seasons. And she retraces over two days the steps of a trek made by her parents seven decades earlier. She explores her inspirations, in  nature and from other artists and their work, and she offers thoughtful writing prompts.

In ‘The Hidden Fires’, Merryn Glover explores the Cairngorms as she follows in the footsteps and contours of Nan Shepherd’s ‘The Living Mountain’. This is a journey separated by time but unified by space and purpose, a conversation between two women across nearly a century that explores how entering the life of a mountain can illuminate our own.

We personally are really looking forward to this event! Scotland is producing some truly excellent nature writing, and these two works in particular are beautiful evocations of landscape, place, memory and identity.

Join us at 7pm on Friday 30th June for some meditative conversation with Linda and Merryn!


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Friday 30 Jun 2023
The Book Nook, Stirling. United Kingdom