John Goodlad’s Faroe Islands Tour: Müllers Pakkhús


THURSDAY, 17 AUGUST 2023 AT 17:00 UTC+01

Müllers Pakkhús

21 Sigmundargøta, Tórshavn 100, Faroe Islands

Join John Goodlad as he discusses his book The Salt Roads: How Fish Made a Culture, which is newly published in paperback. Book event moderated by Professor Joan Pauli Joensen, Faroese historian.
This is the extraordinary story of how salt fish from Shetland became one of the staple foods of Europe, powered an economic boom and inspired artists, writers and musicians.
It ranges from the wild waters of the North Atlantic, the ice-filled fjords of Greenland and the remote islands of Faroe to the dining tables of London’s middle classes, the bacalao restaurants of Spain and the Jewish shtetls of Eastern Europe.
As well as following the historical thread and exploring how very different cultures were drawn together by the salt fish trade, John Goodlad meets those whose lives revolve around the industry in the twenty-first century and addresses today’s pressing themes of sustainability, climate change and food choices.
This event is free and unticketed.
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Thursday 17 Aug 2023
Müllers Pakkhús, Tórshavn. United Kingdom