Jenna Watt at the Highland Bookshop



The Highland Book Prize

Date: Thursday, 23 March 2023. 7:00pm

Jenna Watt author of Hindsight, longlisted for the Highland Book Prize, will be joining us at the Highland Bookshop for an in-conversation event with Kirsteen Bell.

About the book: In 2019, Jenna Watt took part in the stalking of a hind on the vast Highland estate of Corrour: part of an immersive attempt to understand the ideas that lie behind ‘rewilding’, and what it means emotionally and physically to participate in Scotland’s deer cull. Piece by piece and chapter by chapter she unravels the story of that one day spent hunting the hind, interlaced with her discovery that her ancestors were deer stalkers, game keepers and ghillies on a Highland estate, who once took part in increasingly controversial land practices like muirburn and species persecution. This exploration leads her into the complex and often conflict-ridden world of the rewilding movement.

She meets the ‘Wolf Man’ of the Highlands, who wants to introduce the first wild wolves back into Scotland for over 300 years; a mountain ecologist who ranges alone across the landscape to track the environmental impact of deer on Scotland’s upland ecosystem; landowners who are reintroducing species like beaver, ospreys and sea-eagles onto their estates; and a female deer stalker, who is trying to introduce more women into the male-dominated world of stalking and game-keeping. In the process, Jenna comes to better understand the meaning of ‘wildness’, the shifting baselines of ‘rewilding’, and, in a world beset by climate change and species extinction, how to cope, both as an individual and as a society, with the concept of ecological grief.

This event is brought to you in partnership with the Highland Book Prize 2022 Longlist, and is part of a series of events celebrating each of the 12 titles on the list. Presented by the Highland Society of London and facilitated by Moniack Mhor, Scotland’s Creative Writing Centre, the Highland Book Prize seeks to recognise the rich talent, landscape, and cultural diversity of Scotland’s Highlands and Islands. The William Grant Foundation provides funding to encourage public engagement with the Highland Book Prize. For more information visit

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Thursday 23 Mar 2023
The Highland Bookshop, 60 High Street, Fort William. United Kingdom