James Crawford at the National Library of Scotland


Writer and broadcaster James Crawford explores the authentic, unfiltered traces of our past from sites across Scotland.

Join James Crawford as he takes us on a journey to discover Scotland’s wild history; from the dunes of isolated beaches, the summit of lonely hills and the hush of eerie forests. These traces of the past aren’t marked by plaques to explain their fading presence, or to account for what they once were. Now they are merged with the landscape and are being reclaimed by nature.

Wild History: Journeys into Lost Scotland is a unique exploration of over 55 off-the-beaten-track beautiful, poignant, ruined and forgotten sites all over Scotland, taking you away from the well-worn tourist trails to explore the authentic, unfiltered traces of our past. Featuring stunning photography which captures the unique atmosphere and beauty of these locations, this is a perfect book for those who wish to know more about these evocative places.

This free event will take place on-site at the National Library of Scotland, George IV Bridge, Edinburgh.

Thursday 1 June, 2:00pm–3:00pm.

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Thursday 01 Jun 2023
National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh. United Kingdom