Ian Williams with Chris Patten at Barnes BookFest


In Every Breath You Take, Ian Williams examines the extraordinary rise of the Chinese surveillance state, showing how it has been driven by the enigmatic Xi Jinping, now effectively president for life, and how it impacts the daily lives of Chinese citizens, particularly dissidents and those from ethnic minorities. Supporting interviews and first-hand accounts from those whose lives have been turned upside down or worse highlight the chilling and ruthless efficiency with which the government can now act.

The book also considers the wider implications for the rest of the world. How to deal with an increasingly strident, aggressive Beijing is one of the biggest challenges facing the West in what has become a technological Cold War.

Join Ian Williams in conversation with Lord Patten of Barnes at Barnes BookFest, an incredible weekend of talks and screenings, where some of Britain’s best writers give an insight into the way they work and the subjects that fascinate them.

 St Mary’s Barnes, United Kingdom, SW13 9HL
 Sun 26th September 2021
Ticket with book @ £27.50 gives a 25% discount on the book price (RRP £16.99)
Ticket only @ £15
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Sunday 26 Sep 2021
St Mary's , Barnes. United Kingdom