Global Lab: Storytelling and Activism with Mara Menzies


Founder of The Earth Stories Collection Grian Cutanda is joined by Waverli NeubergerDaniel MundurukuAlette WillisMalcolm Green and Mara Menzies to show how, in very different continents, indigenous tales can inspire and illuminate our feelings and actions for the future.

Global Lab is an open community of creativity and co-learning, hosted by the Scottish International Storytelling Festival in partnership with The Earth Stories Collection and The Earth Charter movement. Each session involves presentations, discussion and a short interval. Hosted by Festival Director Donald Smith.

Green renewal is not just about protecting life on planet earth, it is essential for life continuing on planet earth – there is no Plan B. However, Plan A needs wisdom, creative play and joy, as well as knowledge and skill. Our collective actions must win hearts and minds for life-giving, regenerative change. This week’s topics are an invitation to join that process.


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Monday 25 Oct 2021
Online event, United Kingdom